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Viking Barrel Mug(Large:550ml)
creation no.3
US$ 49.99 >US$ 99.98
Reviews (5)
  • C****.
    My wife often say I buy dumb things just because it looks cool. But this one looks cool AND it's useful. It reminds me of my video game days drinking beer after battle dragons. The design is detail and even the handle have groves. The cup itself holds quite a bit and it's larger than a standard mug. The walls are thicker too. I've been using it for coffee and rinse to clean. No stain build up so far. Love my barrel mug.
  • B****d
    I used several of these tankards in our recent production of The Book of Will, set in 1619--so the style of this tankard looked very appropriate on stage for the period. They are lightweight, so even full of a liquid, they aren't difficult to handle. I would buy again!
  • D****n
    Beautiful product. Well crafted design. I'm a Viking and approve of this drinking cup.
  • Fr****wn
    It's a cool mug and accentuates my rugged manliness. The stainless steel inside actually keeps my drink nice and cold. It also makes me feel like I would like to date some Viking girls.
  • D****l
    It's bigger than expected, which is exciting. Really great and sturdy. Also great packaging

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