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Emerald Coffee & Tea Mug
creation no.16
US$ 59.99
Reviews (22)
  • A****x
    I LOVE this mug! I was looking for a green that was slightly darker and more saturated, but honestly I don’t care because I like it so much. It’s the perfect size (holds a lot of liquid without being ridiculously huge), keeps my drink hot a long time, and feels really pleasant to drink from and hold onto. I like the shape too- not too abstract and not too plain. In addition to the green, I also purchased another one, which is just as awesome as the green. I’ll be hard pressed to decide which is my favorite. You might be thinking, “it’s just a mug”. But I like to use same mug everyday and I enjoy having a special mug that is my favorite. We all deserve to have something nice and special!
  • Ka****en
    Love them!!
  • W****E
    I am really liking this mug.It’s really nice to hold from the handle, and keeps my beverages warm enough that I don’t need to reheat. It looks as pictured. When it came in I was surprised at how good the quality was. There are some added details that are present that are difficult to see in the puncture. It’s a really nice mug to use, hold, and to look at!
  • S****e
    Bought as a “just because” gift for the hubby since he drinks a lot of tea. He absolutely loved it! He has used it daily over the past few weeks and it is still holding up well. No chips or scratches on the cup or paint. The filter was easy to rinse clean also. I don’t even drink team but will get one for myself soon!
  • C****a
    This cup was awesome. It has a heavy base and feels great in your hands.
  • D****n
    I love it and it is super cute
  • G****e
    Super cute and keeps the tea warm!
  • J****y
    Wonderful mug. Gorgeous and useful gift
  • B****l
    Beautiful and functional design!
  • sc****ha
    Love it
  • M****n
    Nice looking mug. The infuser cup is a pretty good size so you can load it up if you need. Easy to clean, seems pretty sturdy ( but I wouldn't wanna do a drop test, it is ceramic after all ). I wouldn't mind it being a little bigger but other than that I'm extremely happy with my purchase.
  • t****r
    I bought this mug as a gift for a friend. The mug was in perfect condition when I recieved it. The marbled effect was exactly as pictured. The mug had a nice smooth finish and was perfectly straight (important for crafters). I have not had to wash the mug myself, great mug for a great value.
  • L****a
    Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else or for yourself, this mug will do the job!
  • C****e
    I am going to order another one of these. I love this cup. My daughter keeps trying to steal it.
  • Pa****zo
  • M****l
    I look for a cup with a filter for long time! I like drink tea but I hate to swallow leafs. This cup helped! Every time when I drink, I just need to take out the filter. Nice!
  • A****l
    Gave it as a present to my wife. She drinks lots of loose teas with different flavors, she really likes this cup. She has also mixed different teas experimenting with flavors.
  • Ro****er
    Recommended! Nice cup!
  • C****y
    Perfect for a quick cup of tea. I use my Kurig to dispense hot water and this mug can hold the largest setting even with the tea holder in place. The mug is made of china so it has a nice feel to it but unfortunately because it’s china, it doesn’t retain the heat for long. The handle provides a good grip and keeps your hand from getting to hot. I would purchase it again (maybe for a gift).
  • A****y
    So lovely. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. I also find it easy to rinse small amount of loose leaf teas in as well when you hold the strainer under cold water over the sink. Does not mold because it is easy to wash. As long as you air it out under the sun. Lovely design.

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