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Mountain Range Coffee & Tea Mug
creation no.4
US$ 59.99 >US$ 119.98
Reviews (13)
  • B****h
    My sister loves her cup. Thanks.
  • I****r
    You won't find a better product. Simple yet elegant.
  • M****W
    Loved these mugs and their color so much that I got 4. Looks exactly like the image (if not better), and they’re a nice, big size.
    They do get quite hot to hold when you put e.g. tea in there. Nonetheless, super happy with the purchase!
  • D****z
    Perfect and unique. Elegant design with an interesting one finger handle that cradles well. Strainer works perfectly.
  • W****r
    I love this tea/coffee cup! its so cute! I thought at first that it would be to small for me but its honestly the perfect size and I love how it has a cover to keep the heat in.
  • a****s
    Very nice for tea. Beautiful looking and perfect size. I bought one for myself and one for my husband, he likes it very much. I like the wooden handle a lot as it is so uniquely and quite user-friendly.
  • Ti****by
    It works, easy to use with Tea bags or bulk tea. Not ever having used this Of course . One distinction I wouldistinction I would make is that the stem coming from the cupboard to the handle does get rather hot when you 1st make the tea not that it's a detriment it's a detriment but your thumb tends to gravitate to that spot . Overall very well made product I would definitely recommend buying it if you're in the drinking tea in the morning afternoon or evening and in the evening it's well worth the money
  • S****n
    I love mugs and this one is just another great addition to my collection. My only concern is that handle is just slightly awkwardly made so that it feels a little off to hold. However, this is not a big inconvenience and I would still highly suggest this mug to others.
  • M****e
    Quit thinking about it and just buy the damn thing already. It’s perfect in every way!
  • S****n
    Because this is a very tall narrow mug with a narrow bottom, it's very easy to spill. That said, it's an incredibly beautiful and stylish look, the wooden handle is super fun and feels good in your hand, and it has a really solid tea strainer that it comes with. The product itself seems very unlikely to break - feels and looks very durable, and I've had mine for a few months.
  • T****y
    This mug is really cool what with the angled handle and the included steeper
  • A****n
    The box and the neat wrapping makes it a nice gift. The mug itself is smaller than I expected, but is pretty solid. Kind of cute too. I love the texture of the surface, and it feels very traditional and elegant. Awesome gift for anyone who loves tea, I am sure my friend will love it.
  • M****l
    I'm pleased with this purchase. The infuser works well, the lid is nice and all around it looks good. The handle doesn't seem to have any kind of sealant on it so I'm considering rubbing some tung or mineral oil on it just to keep it safe. Even that really isn't a cause for complaint.

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