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Moonlight & Elk Coffee & Tea Mug
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Reviews (26)
  • R****.
    Ours just got here, right around estimated delivery time, the box got damaged in postage but thanks to all the padding inside the mug was fine
  • R****t
    This is a beautiful piece and I love the silver detailing in the moon and deer. It also has a raised pattern of mountains or snow drifts. The black and blue colors are serene and calming. The mug is a treasure to look at and hold while enjoying a hot cup of tea. The design is packed with symbolism and I love the idea of rebirth and gratefulness.
  • G****y
    I fell in love with this mug! 10/10 would buy again… wait! I did, I ended up buying 3 more! I gotta say the quality, practical and clean up made this a win for me.The handle was a bit awkward for me to hold but once I got used to it, it was great!
  • M****k
    All have turned up safe and sound...took slightly longer 20 days to the uk but they are beautiful
  • K****h
    I love the colors, the texture, and the size of the strainer – big enough to let tea leaves unfurl and made easy to remove without burning fingers. Great quality. Also, I want to mention the packing – it's very neat which makes it nice for a present. Good job, Keep it up!
  • C****s
    I love these cups! So beautiful, very stylish and convenient to make my favorite lapsang sauchong tea. The inside the cup strainer and cover make it super easy. The size is pretty good too (normal western size) which I love
  • J****h
    I don't usually do reviews but I was impressed by the quality of this item. The ceramic pattern is very beautiful and contrasts very well with the wooden handle. The handle design makes it very comfortable to hold without getting burned. The infuser sieve is made of stainless steel which makes it very easy to clean. I also like it better than some ceramic infusers as it is better at filtering out the tea solids. Overall a great product and worth the price. It would make a great gift.
  • B****n
    I expected this infuser mug to be perfect for making my herbal teas and it was! I didn’t expect it to also be perfect for cold brewing tea but it is! I would highly recommend this product to anyone in need of an infuser mug.
  • J*****
    Finally my cup was delivered yesterday!! I am very happy for this and as for the cup its as it was shown. High quality and a very special personal product. My coffee times will be little more plesant. Thank you!
  • Bo****ns
    Got my blue Moon light and Elk mug today! It's freakin beautiful!!!
  • T****s
    I really love this mug. First of all, it's eye catching. Everyone comments on it. Secondly, it's really great to make tea in. Cleaning it is really easy. No more picking tea leaves out of infuser balls. The mug is comfortable to hold in my hands. The footprint is wide so it's a no go for my mug warmer and forget about putting it in any kind of cup holder but this mug isn't for on the go drinking anyway. It's for sitting around in your hyyge living room and contemplating life as you drink loose tea.
    It's rather large so you'll have a big mug of tea so make sure it's a leaf you really like. I gifted one to my mother because she loved mine so much.
  • C****s
    Packed well. High quality. Looks exactly like the photo, only prettier in person!
  • J****n
    Nicely packaged. Beautiful tea cup.Super excited for many snuggles with this porcelain beauty. definitely a great gift item.
  • R****d
    I am crazy about this tea cup!! It’s really gorgeous and the design looks just like a snow covered mountain range

    The cup is heavy and sturdy. I as my loose leaf tea and some hot water and hit the road! The handle is designed to be able to fit this into your cup holders too
  • Ma****ow
    I bought one for my wife as a birthday present, and she cried happily!
  • C****p
    I look for a cup with a filter for long time! I like drink tea but I hate to swallow leafs. This cup helped! Every time when I drink, I just need to take out the filter. Nice!
  • Wi****rd
    I have bought many coffee cups, but it is the most beautiful! I like it!
  • C****l
    Gave to say that not only did my son love it but so did his frien.The handle is perfect for holding as it doesn't get hot but the cup keeps the tea at the perfect temperature for sipping.
  • P****k
    Very great product and very good quality the product came with good packaging and the product is slim I thank the seller for good character
  • S****o
    Bought this as a gift, but I had also bought myself one. They are amazing. Definitely worth the money if you like coffee or tea.

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