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Distant Mountain Coffee &Tea Mug
creation no.23
US$ 59.99
Reviews (19)
  • J****k
    This is a great tea cup, and visually awesome to look at and hold.
  • Be****te
    I ordered this mug so I had something portable to steep my teas in but I love that it can be used for coffee as well! It's the perfect size for me and I really enjoy that it feels so sturdy even though it's ceramic. The wooden handle makes it feel secure and to me, is very asthetically pleasing. I would totally gift this to someone.
  • J****O
    The cup looks very nice. It is very pretty and the handle looks great.
    I like how the strainer is the same material as the cup other than the strainer at the bottom.
  • I****a
    This tea cup is easy to hold onto, even with arthritic fingers. It is very pretty and I love that it keeps the tea hot for a long time.
  • M****s
    Great mug, I use it all the time.
  • P****n
    This is the perfect size, and the built in strainer and lid make it too easy to make my coriander water each evening, for my morning water.
  • a****m
    Beautiful colors and ceramic quality. I love the big loose leaf tea holder.
  • T****t
    I sent this as a gift and my parents loved it!
  • Pa****in
    I like the cup. Like the design, style and feel of it.
  • B****l
    The box and the neat wrapping makes it a nice gift. The mug itself is smaller than I expected, but is pretty solid. Kind of cute too. I love the texture of the surface, and it feels very traditional and elegant. Awesome gift for anyone who loves tea, I am sure my friend will love it.
  • P****y
    Amazing cup
  • D****l
    I am extremely happy I chose this mug!
  • H****y
    T is a beautiful mug. Great for tea. Just sucks that it’s hand wash only. Worth it tho.
  • H****o
    Finally a bigger mug that is nicely designed. A lot of bigger mugs have a high center of gravity and are easily knocked over.Not this one.This is a great ,well made mug and I will be ordering more.
  • J****k
    Super fast shipping. Nice packaging. A beautiful mug cup. Simple yet modern design. Not too small, not too big.
    I wish the handle was a little bigger.
  • A****y
    I got it for coffee and tea and wanted something that would keep my drinks nice and hot, and this works beautifully, with the lid and because it’s stoneware.
    The mug is also nice and warm in my hands which is lovely since I’m always freezing.
    Would definitely recommend this fir yourself or as a gift—comes boxed really beautifully and great for folks who like loose leaf teas.
  • J****y
    The first impression was the very nice packaging - it would make a very nice gift for any tea lover. And the mug itself seems to have been carefully made and of high quality. It has some weight to it. The reason that I bought it is because ceramic infusers are easier to clean than metal infusers - the tea leaves don't get stuck as much.
  • H****e
    The cup is beautiful, no question about that.
  • M****n
    It’s beautiful! I love it.

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