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Round Coffee & Tea Mug
creation no.14
US$ 49.99
Reviews (19)
  • J****e
    My mother is using tea therapy for detox and healing and she's drinking copious amounts of tea. I gifted her this beautiful mug and she uses daily. She noted that the design of the mug fits her lips very comfortably and she appreciates the no slip handle. All-in-all is a great design and gift for a senior citizen!
  • ma****ri
    Beautiful mug! It's so cute!
  • O****r
    Waaaa.The cup lid doubles as an infuser holder.
    Pretty nifty!I bought is as a gift for someone in my house so they quit pining after my TeaSpot cup …
  • F****p
    I had never tried an infuser mug before but they looked really fun.
  • S****a
    The mug is great, color is fine, wooden handle looks and feels good
  • T****s
    What I love the most about it is that when you fill it with water to steep the tea, then take the infuser out, you’re not having to put more water in. I fill it nearly to the brim, then put the lid on. The infuser fits perfectly on the underside of the lid and even with tiny little tea pieces, there’s very little to no residue in the tea. I’m gonna buy another in another color, I just love it that much.
  • R****k
    So pretty and simple. I love the size and how easy it is to handle.
  • Ba****ej
    Holds great amount of tea, easy to handle, not heavy in my hand. I fill water past tea infuser basket, then once removed leaves perfect amount of space to still add honey. The handle feels great in my hand. Very happy with it.
  • V****r
    Nice looking ceramic tea cup, it’s perfect for loose leaf tea drinker, I use it everyday. The filter works great!!
  • E****d
    I bought this wanting to gift it to someone because it was just so cute and I’m not a big tea drinker. But once it arrived I just had to keep it for myself. lol I also ordered a couple teas to try and this mug has worked wonderfully for loose leaves!
  • J****n
    ABSOLUTELY LOVE these tea mugs. My fiancé bought me one for Christmas. As soon as I opened it and used it, I turned around and bought one for him too. We have been using them every day for the past 2 full weeks and haven’t had any issues whatsoever. We don’t put them in the microwave and only hand wash. No issues with the handle/glue like other reviewers are saying. We love the lid for steeping and resting your tea strainer on once it’s removed from your cup of tea. As far as holding it, the handle is very comfortable and just far enough away from the cup to hold your cup with both hands to warm them. We really couldn’t be happier and these would make amazing gifts for tea lovers also!
  • St****ie
    This is a nice, solid infuser. It feels good in the hand. The handle stays cool to the touch and makes handling the mug quite comfortable.
  • A****j
    I opened it and i thought it was a pretty cool mug considering i’ve seen a lot of mugs before... it felt nice in the hand and had a smooth finish with no bubbles or crack in the paint or ceramic. I use it for her favorite tea and she said it kept her tea hot for about 15-20 minutes...cool design.
  • S****h
    Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. The mug is perfect and I know my grandson and his girlfriend will enjoy their cup of tea in the working
  • Be****..
    ...is the only word for it. Haven't been this impressed in something in a long time. I'm very very pleased with this purchase.
    Service:Thanks for your love our mugs! Enjoy it!
  • O****r
    Love this mug!
  • T****i
    This is a quality outfit that produces quality products. Each mug is a piece of art and is fun! I purchased another cup for my wife and when I saw them I purchased a green set for myself. Each one is similar but has a unique pattern...they are quality made and something I am glad I purchased for our home...Check 'em out they are worth it.
  • C****l
    Bought this as a birthday present for my mom. It's very well made and absolutely beautiful. She loved it and was very happy with it!
  • I****l
    Being retired, I enjoy a leisurely cup to start my day. And part of that is drinking it from a pretty cup. I bought this cup and it is very pretty with the darker swirls throughout. It is a nice weight, not too heavy.

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